Permission issue with Noticeboard News for co-editor



  • James Mullan

    I can confirm that we have this issue and have tried to use the alternate author option, but it doesn't work. I believe it might be fixed in a recent update.

  • Gyaltsen G.

    Hi James Mullan thanks for raising this and trying the alternate author option. I've gone ahead and created a support ticket for this issue for you. Cheers

  • Rory Mennell


    I am interested to know whether this has indeed been updated as i have a news team that want to view each others noticeboard news as part of check process before it is published.  I have been unable to do this.

    Currently using a work around where I have created a channel called Drafts that only the news team have access to.  When they are then ready to publish/schedule then they assign it to the correct channel and remove from drafts.

    Not as slick as I would like so if the above has been solved it would be good to know, cheers


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